Starting you fitness journey&my story

First off, my story:
I was about 13/14 years old when me and my sister both got a gym membership. The first few weeks we went everyday for 2 hours, she would basically tell me what to do because I didn't know what I was doing. After a while the newness went away and I didn't like staying there for such a long time and not knowing what to do. I started to stop going as much, then I stopped completely. For a while I didn't really workout at all. Then I started working out a lot in my room and basement, short ab and leg workouts. I started to really enjoy it and wanting to get back into the gym, but by that time my membership had been cancelled. I continued my at home workouts for about a year until I got a membership at a new gym. I started to go workout almost everyday for a while with my friend and we would have so much fun. I used to gym go let go of stress and improve my mental health as well as having fun. It has been a journey since, sometimes weeks on end not finding the motivation to go and other times wanting to spend countless hours there. I love the gym not only because it makes me feel good, but because it is so good for my overall health. I am helping my body and mind become stronger, releasing bad energy and stress, and doing something I enjoy!
If you are doubting yourself and not sure how to start, or just can't find the motivation to get started DONT GIVE UP!!! It will be a roller coaster, but you have to find the momentum to push yourself over the hills. It all starts on the first day.
A plan for success:
-Start by setting your goals and reasons for wanting to get started.
-Find what motivates you, use those things to drive you to not give up and push you to get up and moving. This could be a person, goal, or many other things.
-Make a plan, set days to go and days to rest. Set when you want to work on different areas according to your goals.
-Document your progress! I love taking progress pictures because it motivates me so much seeing the changes in my body.
-Last but definitely not least, have fun and do it for you!