Customized guide transformation

These are the one month results of a guide I customized for her. I am so happy for her! These results shock me whenever I see the comparison. She just finished a month and has decided to redo the guide for a second month. I am so proud of the effort she has made in this last month.
The only way that these results could've been achieved is that she put in the work and did the workouts and did not give up.
Doing workout guides is an amazing way to give you a push into really trying to push yourself to achieve your goals. After seeing incredible results you will be much more motivated to push yourself even when it is so painful and you don't have the energy.
The progress from this guide I made her has pushed me to work on one that I will be selling on my website.. I am very excited to see the results from anyone that tries it. I will be focused on glute growth and full body toning. Make sure to keep an eye out for the release. I will be making a youtube video announcement and instagram as well.